We build a socially responsible and racially just cannabis sector

Expanding upon their years of consulting experience, Kelly and Courtney founded Cannabis Doing Good in 2018 to provide an accessible platform that enhances the industry’s ability to implement programs for racial, environmental, and community justice. What was once a small consultancy, kindColorado, has now blossomed into a larger movement for social change. Same Founders, Bigger Team, Expanded Expertise.


How We Serve

Cannabis Social Responsibility™

  • Strategy Development, Metrics + Timeline, Implementation and CSR Annual Report
  • Employee Culture, Recruiting and Hiring, and Staff Engagement
  • Community Partner Criteria, Selection, and Program Planning

Business + Community Consulting

  • Troubleshooting Community Challenges or Opportunities
  • Crisis Management, Employee Care, Workplace Culture Improvement
  • Nonprofit Training on Risk and Rewards of Cannabis Partnership

Anti-Racism Training + Workshops

  • Personalized and facilitated anti-racism training for leadership and staff
  • Customized next steps to implement organizational anti-racist framework
  • Access to our Racial Equity Self-Assessment to highlight areas of strength or improvement in our 5 Key Assessment Areas

Equity + Licensing Consultations

  • Social Equity Licensing Application Support and Business Strategy
  • City and State-Wide Equity Policy Consultation
  • Facilitation, Education, and Work Group Participation as Subject Matter Expert

Our Clients

Most cannabis companies want to do good, but don’t often have a clear strategy for how. We also find many community organizations or nonprofits are interested in cannabis partnership but don’t know where to begin. Our clients range from cannabis businesses in many stages of growth to nonprofits with little experience in the cannabis sector. See below for a list of some of our partners.