2019 Nominations Are Now Closed!

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Award Categories:

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Good Neighbor

Community engagement and social responsibility are the founding values of CDG. We believe  cannabis has the opportunity to create political, social and economic benefits for communities, showcasing this industry as an authentic community asset. We want to recognize those companies implementing community engagement programs, encouraging volunteer hours, and meeting community need in new and thoughtful ways. Are you a cannabis company Mr. Rogers would be proud of?

Love Your Planet

Climate change is a global problem, impacting people and ecosystems everywhere. Many cannabis companies are doing their best to reduce their carbon footprint, increase energy efficiency, and protect our water, air and soil systems. We acknowledge that going green isn’t always easy, made difficult by policy, sometimes cost prohibitive, and requires cooperation from the entire supply chain. We want to recognize those companies truly innovating in their business practices and going the extra mile to champion sustainability. 

Change Maker

At CDG, we acknowledge cannabis prohibition was largely the foundation of the War on Drugs, designed to vilify people of color and the poor. We believe our industry has the opportunity (and the mandate) to support reparative efforts, seek justice, and challenge systems that uphold inequity. We want to recognize those companies increasing diversity in the sector and making significant impacts towards creating a more just and equitable society. 


Any cannabis industry business that feels they are “doing good” or have a CSR program. Businesses that can enter but are not limited to: 

  • Medical
  • Recreational
  • Products/Brands (edibles, sublinguals, vape, etc.)
  • Hemp
  • Cultivation  
  • Legal
  • Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Media
  • Compliance
  • Packaging
  • Other Ancillary not specifically identified

All applications must be submitted by September 20, 2019

Good Neighbor

  • This award aims to recognize those companies making an outstanding contribution in community engagement and outreach.

Change Maker 

  • This award recognizes those companies making meaningful efforts to champion or include justice and equity initiatives either within the industry or within business operation (recruitment, hiring, training and/or outreach)

Love Your Planet

  • This award aims to recognize those companies measurably implementing sustainability practices within their business operations or facility.

Cannabis Doing Good is a way to create opportunities for cannabis and communities to collaborate, to inspire new ways of people, planet and business engagement, and to showcase companies doing good. We encourage companies that are aligned with these beliefs, aspire to uphold these practices, or are actively launching social responsibility programs within their companies to apply.

Yes. Companies can submit applications for any or all award categories. Each submission must have its own application form.

The award application is available on CDG’s website website. 

Companies are required to be up-to-date on their previous year’s reporting, which will be verified by CDG. Companies are encouraged to submit any supporting documentation, including, but not limited to, reports, internal and/or external communications materials, press release or media and any other validations from external sources. 

Should you be a finalist for the award, relevant documentation will be need to be verified by CDG

In some cases, the nomination form will either include or prompt you to include any relevant data or metrics. We understand that this is new ground and you may not have meteric’s or data but we will need some form of documentation proving your work, hours etc.

Awards will be reviewed judged by an independent panel, comprised of 2 external experts, using a researched, credible rubric. Each judge will score each nomination form, and an aggregate of that score will be used as the final. CDG Leadership Team will review all judge scores. Panel judges may include representatives from the retail, B to B, non-profit sectors, product manufacturers, third-party certifiers, academia and other stakeholders in the space

 If you have additional questions, please contact: 

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