Activating Cannabis as a Driver for Social Change

Purpose-Driven, Community-Focused​

What Is Cannabis
Doing Good?

The Now

Cannabis Doing Good aims to create a purpose-driven cannabis network, showcase companies doing good, and set the standard for social responsibility in the cannabis sector.

The Future

Imagine a world where consumers, business partners, investors and community members recognize you as a leader in purpose-driven cannabis: generating impact and abundance, reinvesting in those communities most harmed and creating an industry accountable to the planet.

An awards program created to raise awareness and to inspire purpose driven cannabis brands, dispensaries, agencies and nonprofits are having, both in the industry and in our communities.

Congratulations to our 2020 CDG Award Winners!

The CDG Difference

When you support, promote or demonstrate the CDG brand, you commit to building an industry that inspires social change, encourages sustainable practices, and thoughtfully creates best business practice.
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