About Us

Cannabis doing good is a platform to create opportunities for cannabis and communities to collaborate, to inspire new ways of people, planet and business engagement, and to showcase companies doing good.

Imagine a world where consumers, business partners, investors and community members recognize you as a leader in purpose-driven cannabis: generating impact and abundance, reinvesting in those communities most harmed and creating an industry accountable to the planet.

kindColorado is a consulting agency dedicated to helping license holders and ancillary companies engage with their communities, care for their planet and people, and use their business as a positive community asset. We do this through our Cannabis Social Responsibility (R) framework and our 25+ combined years of community organizing, policy counsel and nonprofit development. Whether we are helping applicants achieve licensing wins, building a community outreach strategy to engage employees, or partnering cannabis with community causes, all of our work manifests in positive impact and a positive story for our sector. We are proud founders of Cannabis Doing Good and love collaborating with others to make good happen.

PufCreativ is a full-service innovative cannabis marketing agency that provides clients with quality web, seo, social media, content creation, design, and email marketing services. PufCreativ is responsible for the Cannabis Doing Good website design, development, and on-going marketing services, including the CDG Campaign and social recap videos. PufCreativ is grateful to work with kindColorado on the Cannabis Doing Good project and is excited to make a positive difference in the world through cannabis. 

Meet Our Founders

cannabis doing good courtney mathis headshot

Courtney Mathis

Courtney has 15+ years of nonprofit consulting, 10+ of executive marketing and branding, holds a Masters in Nonprofit Management and is the recipient of several awards for contribution as a civil society capacity leader. She is the CEO and co-founder of Cannabis Doing Good, President and co-founder of kindColorado and is a long-time social change leader that believes that through strategic community outreach and dynamic messaging, the cannabis industry will be a welcomed community asset. Courtney is a proud mother, wife and science-fiction fan.

cannabis doing good kelly perez headshot

Kelly Perez

Kelly Perez is the CEO/co-founder of kindColorado and President/co-founder of Cannabis Doing Good, created to connect cannabis businesses to community and to highlight the good that the sector is doing. Our trademarked, Cannabis Social Responsibility (CSR), puts into action, purpose driven cannabis partnerships to support equity/justice, positive community impact, and environmental sustainability. CSR helps to shift the cannabis narrative—from the War on Drugs, to a cultural sea change where opportunities are equitable, policy is just, communities benefit, and cannabis is a circular economic practice.

cannabis doing good sam pendleton headshot

Sam Pendelton

Sam has 10 + years in branding, event management and creative design. She was recruited into the industry by Courtney and has now executed many successful brand launches and industry events for Whoopi & Maya, Kind Colorado and Grasslands to name a few. Working closely with Kelly and Courtney as the Creative Services Consultant at KindColorado for the past 3 years she has become very passionate about connecting the cannabis sector. 

pufcreativ john shute headshot

John Shute

John Shute is the CEO and Co-Founder of PufCreativ, who grew up working in restaurants and at charity events in his early life in New Jersey. John not only plans to educate the masses on the potential of cannabis, but simultaneously wants to give back to the community as his company grows. John takes pride in fueling the fire of Cannabis Doing Good and plans to help others in the cannabis community collaborate with non-profit organizations. 

pufcreativ shamus lahman headshot

Shamus Lahman

Shamus is a multi-disciplinary creative who’s deliveres effective and engaging solutions across brand identity, print, packaging, and digital media since 2012. Shamus’s rounded skillset help with implementing clear direction and execution from start to finish. Also the eye behind the camera, Shamus’s vision brings our clients ideas to life.

pufcreativ katie burrell headshot

Katie Burrell

A jack of all digital marketing trades, Katie combines her 3 years in the cannabis industry with her project management and design skills to help ensure client success. With a B.A. in communications and a love for video editing, she helps make your brand come to life in more ways than one.