“Cannabis helped me get through miserable months of healing following my surgery. Today cannabis allows me to be on my feet 8+ hours a day pain free”

- Karma Bellarose

“I am a brain cancer survivor because cannabis oil (RSO) saved my life! I am on a mission to help others spread awareness.”

- Melana Smith

“Marijuana has taught me that I can medicate and not have to eat with all the crazy side effects of pharmaceuticals.”

- Miss Burnzie

“It has taught me much about life and nature in general!”

- Edger Pulido

“Cannabis opened my mind to step outside the box and go from teaching early aged humans to educating their parents.”

- Tia Toci

“I started using (cannabis) because all my prescriptions ere leaving the lining of my stomach weak and bleeding. Cannabis welcome relief to know the edge off.”

- Heidi Spivey

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